viernes, 29 de julio de 2011

Jobs and Ambitions

Firefighter: contributing to the safety and security of lives and property of citizens. are very serious and brave.
 Dr. : attending to sick patients and help them improve. write rare and almost always kind
Violinist: play the violin. knows all the musical notes

Police: arrest the criminals and those who doesn´t obey the law. Some of them are serious and do not trust in anybody.

 Surgeon: The surgeons operate on the persons, are very nice and profecionales.
 Stewardess: They attend to the passengers of the planes, are attentive and speak many languages.
Secretary: They attend to the clients in the offices in general they are very polite and 

 Man of business: are always at your desk with your computer, perhaps managing and organizing the papers of the company.
Nanny: They take care of the children of a home while their parents cannot, are very enterteining and reliable.

 Saxophonist: He plays the saxophone to create music, are romantic and should handle well the breathto play.
Chef: prepare delicious dishes in restaurants are very cheerful and caring.

 Airplane pilot: They lead planes all over the world. They are reserved and intelligent.
 Worker: working in construction, and are punctual and rude.

 Sportsman: teams train for a sport, are tough and persistent.

Ballerina: They dance in a classic and sophisticated way, and simultaneously they exercise her body, are delicate and strong.

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