viernes, 6 de mayo de 2011

Welcome to my blog Task!!! XD

Welcome to My Blog Task!!!

In this blog I will post my school homework for Level 2. I will use it to practice writing, listening, speaking and reading. Also, i will share it with my classmates and people from the world.

Hello, there! My name’s Marielis Luzardo but you can call me Lely. I’m from Los Puertos de Altagracia, originally. I live in Los Puertos de Altagracia, in La Salina del Sur. I’m 24 years old and I study Graphic Desing at URBE . My favorite subjects are workshop and techniques of expression. This trimester I am taking 6 classes and I am in the 2nd trimester.

I love desing, music, dancing, sing, playing with my daughter (I have a child one year old), read goog books, studying English, talking on the phone with my friends, pizza , chocolate, my family , my country and my university.

I hate paprika, listening to vallenato, getting up early on the weekend, violence, war, injustice, and washing the dishes. I can't stand people smoking.

My dream is to travel around the world, visit the Magic Kingdom at Disney world and The Eiffel Tower in Paris. Of course, I want to graduate from grapich desing School and be a good designer. I also want to learn to speak French. I’d love to work in an important company and buy a house and live happily with my husband and my daughter.☺

About English, I love to learn new languages. I think English is very important. I listen to music and watch TV in English. It’s a good exercise. sometimes i chat on the internet and have friends in many countries. I can speak well, but I need to practice more. The most difficult for me is writing. I want to practice in class and out of class, too. I hope I can make a lot of friends and practice speaking in this class.

Well, This is a little bit about me. Hope you liked it... Please, leave a comment!


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